Pulau Pinang, the second smallest state in Malaysia is made up of two land areas, Penang island ( variously known as Prince of Wales island, Pearl of the Orient) and an area of land (known as Province Wellesley) on mainland Peninsula Malaysia. While commonly referred to as just "Penang", her official name is Pulau Pinang or Island of the Betel Nut Tree. Penang is a corruption of the Malay word for Betel Nut or Pinang. Betel Nut Lodge too, is named for the Pinang tree.

Penang, strategically located on the Straits of Melaka has often attracted peoples of various race, culture and religion.  The myriad architectural styles of George Town, its famous food scene, traditional clothes and the unique Penang dialect are in fact a result of these various cultures and their interaction with one another.

With Betel Nut Lodge's Peranakan pedigree, the authentic sights, sounds and aroma of our quaint city will be more apparent to our guests. And, we think our guests may wish to linger just a bit longer to experience an old-world charm that is George Town.


Our Lodge is located inside the UNESCO World Heritage site of George Town. Within this UNESCO site lies several thousand heritage buildings of various architectural styles. Also, within this area, one will come across an incredible array of Intangible Heritages of traditional crafts, rituals and cultural practices. Most of these places of interest are within the vicinity of the lodge - so, walking around is the best way to enjoy the visit to George Town.

Follow this link to some of George Town's attractions:  http://www.visitpenang.gov.my/UnescoHeritageBrochure.pdf

Check this link for Nature places and Parks in Penang: http://mypenang.gov.my/planneritemlist.aspx?id=535&page=item-505-penang_botanic_gardens.pgt      


"Penang, Food Paradise" - It Is True! The incredible array of food here is mind-boggling. Street food abounds as are restaurants of Nyonya cuisine, Malay cuisine, Indian Muslim food, food from the many Chinese dialect groups, Eurasian community, etc. Here, we will list some of the well-known and what we have termed "Food Institutions" of George Town! Most are within walking distance from our lodge.


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