Betel Nut Lodge had its genesis some 20 years ago. The Lodge came about as a dream to create a modest traditional lodge that will also house a Civil and Arts Space.

Our 2-storey building at 100 Lebuh Melayu was built between 1850s and 1880s. Architecturally, it was of the Southern Chinese style. After the repeal of the Rent Control Act, 100 Lebuh Melayu (like countless buildings in 1990s George Town) lay unappreciated. It had been used variously as a family residence, office, tile shop and finally as a swiftlet nesting site. It was this last use as a birds' nesting site that caused untold & irreversible damage to the once beautiful building. For over 10 years, 100 Lebuh Melayu was left empty and abandoned.

The current owner acquired this derelict building and undertook a 5-year restoration process. Many sleepless nights ensued during the restoration period ; from meticulous researching(into suitable heritage materials, etc)to countless engagements with aritisans and heritage workers. Eventually,UNESCO's guidelines for Adaptive Re-use won the day! To say that it has been a challenging 5 years to restore 100 Lebuh Melayu would indeed be an understatement!

So come, join us and enjoy Betel Nut Lodge's return to its former glory that has been more than 20 years in the making!

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